A workshop that values true craftsmanship, skill, bespoke design and restoration

O&Co Blacksmiths was founded and is run by Oliver Boyett. A true craftsman, he relishes working in many mediums though he is best known for working with hot forged steel. He has an eye for exotic products, combining cutting-edge design with traditional blacksmithing methods that reach back through time. The result is beautiful, well-loved pieces, fit for today’s world that last a lifetime.

"It's easy to design things to be cut and welded together with no love, but designing something that takes its beauty from the way it's put together is truly art”

Oliver Boyett.

Oliver started his training at Hereford College of Technology, Britain’s flagship blacksmithing course. He then took up a five-year apprenticeship with Master Blacksmith Don Barker - a fellow of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths and silver medal holder. Having finished his training, Oliver migrated around the UK, working with many blacksmiths and artistic metalworkers. During this time, he had the pleasure of working on several high-profile projects including the Palace of Westminster, and on ironwork for a gold prize winning garden at The Chelsea Flower Show. He then ventured overseas to work with highly skilled smiths and artistic fabricators in Australia, France and South Africa.

After honing his craft in different countries, Oliver decided to return home to the UK in 2018 and found O&Co Blacksmiths. He wanted to take his design and making skills to the next level, and produce decorative metalwork to the highest of standards in one of the most extracting and critical markets for traditional and contemporary ironwork in the world.

Oliver has found great delight in working directly with his customers to create bespoke solutions for real people in the real world. From the very first phone call to the final installation.

O&Co will always be Oliver's main focus and now with our growing client base, we are able to keep expanding and we're always looking forward to the next project.